Passengers fight freezing cold on plane in Canada

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Passengers on board a flight from US to Hong Kong were stranded in freezing cold Canada for nearly 16 hours. The people on board United Airlines Flight 179 battled -20 degree Celsius temperatures as a door of the aircraft was jammed.n an unfortunate turn of events, numerous passengers had to battle extremely cold weather conditions and also survive on inadequate food, stranded on the tarmac of Goose Bay airport in Canada on Saturday.

Reason? One of the doors of the airplane was jammed and could not be shut. This resulted in passengers struggling in the -20 degree Celsius weather, with a flight attendant posted by the door to ensure security.

The flight was diverted due to a medical emergency and had to make a landing at Goose Bay airport. At Goose Bay, the unwell passenger was taken off the flight, but the plane did not take off. An aircraft door could not be closed.

Scores of passengers travelling on United Flight 179, going from Newark, New Jersey to Hong Kong, were stuck in freezing cold for nearly 16 hours. Due to the unavailability of custom officers at night, none of the passengers could get off the plane either.

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